Sunday, July 27, 2008

France 2008

We had so much fun during our 3 weeks holiday! The weather was great, we´ve visited beautiful places. First rented a chalet at a camping in south of France (ardeche)
The children had so much fun playing in the river, discovering medieval villages, butterflies and snakes, new friends and ofcourse saying ´bonjour´.
The last week of our holidays we´ve spend at a camping in the north of France (Vosges). The weather was less hot and so we had time to have a walk in the great forests of Vosges. At the campsite was a swimmingpool and even when raing: swimming was fun!

1. a fairy in spé, 2. keep your breath!, 3. laugh, 4. thoughts, 5. flower, 6. butterfly, 7. balazuc, 8. verviers - view on the roofs, 9. balazuc, 10. Copy of alba la romaine 006, 11. camping_les_arches, 12. balazuc - fishing, 13. balazuc, 14. vink3, 15. vogue 116, 16. alba_la_romaine, 17. alba la romaine 032, 18. lesarches 080, 19. am i in the picture?, 20. butterfly, 21. a moment of sun, 22. st.montan, 23. d´s feet, 24. aubenas_pizza, 25. vallons pont d´arc e.o 032

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