Sunday, January 11, 2009

Too easy going

I didn´t mention it before but since September 2008 i try to deal with a HNP (hernia at my lower back, L5/S1 to be precisely).I had magnetic resonance scan and now am waitin for an appointment with surgery. The last months had been painfull and very limitated in all the things i do. I don´t drive my car since months and even don´t sit in the car to be driven. And since 2 months also my bicycle is jobless. I sometimes go with the bus. Walking and lying down are the best things i can do and so sitting down to sew became almost impossible. I do little pieces, every day a bit. Now that everything is on a low level, i use my time lying on my back, surfing on flickr and blogs. My head alost bursts out of ideas.
I wonder where this road takes me.

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