Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday

Last weekend was my birthday. Although i decided to party it later on this year for several reasons i had been spoiled the same.
My friend from Arnhem bought me a huge bunch of pink tulips. Beautiful. My kids and husband gave me Greengate cups and a bracelet.

My dear friend and neighbour Herma was smart to buy me a second piece for my Greengatecollection: a greenspotted teacup and saucer. She also shares my Tilda-hobby and so i got these beautiful Tilda-pins and a Fq. of fabric. Thank you, Herma!

Then an unexpected box from my German friend. He was so kind to send me 2 craftbooks (am thrilled about these!) and the most tasty crackers ever made. They don´t sell them in Holland. Good for me, cause i would have been addicted and a dozen kilo´s heavier;-) Thank you for having listened to all my words the past year!The air between the packages probably were filled with love.


mamutopia said...

Leuke cadeautjes :)
En gefeliciteerd nog!

Heidi said...

Hoi, kwam zomaar eens voorbij surfen. Wat een leuke blog! En wat een mooie spullen maak je. Ik zag op de foto's van je kadootjes die kabouters staan. Is dat een kruissteekpatroon wat in dat tijdschrift staat?? Ik vind ze zo leuk! Zou ze graag borduren.

Bedankt voor je inspiratie!

XO Heidi