Sunday, May 31, 2009

A walk with real men

I am always late blogging. My life goes faster than i blog which doesn´t mean i have a fast life: am just a slow blogger....
Like what happened last weeks when i didn´t write at all? Ofcourse i have been sewing for the market on 6th of June. Then i relax a bit while the nerve-aches due to a hernia still isn´t over, not even after the surgery:-P
But okay, i can move better than before and so i enjoy life with my family as much as i can. Like 2 weeks ago when we had a nice walk and picknick with my sister. We started our walk near a playground and so my son was boooored all the way: he had only that playground in his mind. Halfway we had a small picknick, a little chat and some exploring around.It is slow walking with kids and so at the end our real men were sleeping. When the going get´s tough, the tough get going.

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