Monday, November 16, 2009

Creative Blogger Award

This weekend i received this Creative Blogger Award from Miranda who sews kids clothes and makes jewelry. See also her blog.
Thanks Miranda, it´s nice to know you like my work.

Together with this award, comes some rules: I have to fill out the following 8 points:

1] Place the award and a message on your blog.
No prob: already did so.
2] A 'thank you' to the one who gave it to you and a hyperlink to that person
The mimimum i can do
3] Tell us 7 things about yourself we didn´t know yet.
4] Choose 7 other bloggers who deserve this award to pass the award onto.
5] And a hyperlink to these 7 bloggers
6] And let these 7 person know they received it.

Okay.... here i go:7 things you (probably) didn' t know about me:

1. PINKA is the name of my webshop but ALSO the official brand-name/trademark which i´ve registrated. Just to keep standing up and not being blown away by bigger trademarks who might regeister after me. This already happened to me in 2006 with my formal brand-name.
2. Lately I am less busy with sewing due to a back-injury. In autumn-winter 2008 i wasn´t able to drive car, go on bike and later on even had difficulty walking. In march 2009 I had been operated at a herniated disc in my lower back.
3. The reason i started selling Tilda-items is related to point 3: I need to do less sitting work
4. Another thing you probably don´t know:
I lived in Italy, Alessandria for almost 4 years to be near my love. Now we both live in Holland, got married and have 2 kids: a boy (8 years old) and a girl (6 years old). I speak Italian fluently.
5. I spend half of my time or sometimes more on my other job at Italie2go. I sell advertisements, write articles and do PR, working on my laptop at home, sitting or lying down. (yes, i can do that).
6. I have another addicted hobby and job but lately i had to do some stepd back: teaching in the gym. I have several diplomes for steps/aerobictrainer, fitnesstrainer, pregnancy trainer and spinningteacher. Love to move on music.
7. I used to work with minors which matches with my studies. I quit working there when my son was born in 2001.

Hey:-) It is easier than i thought: can name some other points about me, you don´t know. uAH! Maybe next time.....;-)

Now the persons i pass the award onto:
1. I don´t scrap but hmmmm..... i get some ideas by now....
2. Mette from Erleperle we sometimes have the same ideas. Beside that, she inspires me on her flickr-page.
3. Happy Harris with her makes me happy.
4.Sewing Amelie by Liebesgut: she makes EXACTLY what i like:-)
5.Jaana in Germany with
6. Andrella for my love for whites and linens and a bit of antiques.
7. Now you can make nice packages:

Girls, hope you are all glad with the award. Let me know all about it!




andrella said...

Ohhhhhh I thank you so much for thinking of me. But i dont want awards, sorry i hope you not angry about me.....
But i am very happy about your words!
Many warm hugs from andrella

Jaana said...

I'm very happy to be nominated! Thank you so much!

Hugs from

jaana in Vienna

Casa di Falcone said...

I'm very happy about it ...
but I already get the award ;))

xoxo Anna

La vie est belle a salon said...

Ook al hem je hem al gehad. Ik wilde je ook graag nogmaals met deze award verblijden! Kijk maar op mijn blog.
Groetjes Michaja

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